Our engineering capability means that we are able to build special units to suit your needs.

Our standard units are designed to be as compact as possible but sometimes they just can’t be accommodated in the space available.

Utilising our design and engineering expertise Recotherm can solve many types of problems developing  special units that will operate on the ‘controlled fresh air principles’ we are renowned for, but design a bespoke unit to suit your particular requirements. This can include high efficiency recuperators or specific BEMS integration.

These special designs can also be made as flat-pack to aid installation in awkward locations.bespoke425

Recotherm are an engineering company with a pedigree in pool air conditioning and can provide high grade design and construction expertise for the more difficult problems, supported by over 25 years on site experience.

Recotherm are the number one company for replacement units whether they be small 0.25 m3/s units or a 20m3/s units the size of a small bungalow.

So pick up the phone and talk to our engineers about your requirements, many of our clients value this type of direct consultation, they get to talk to someone who understands their needs and who has the technical and manufacturing knowhow to solve complex problems.