CVME units

RECOTHERM have been manufacturing swimming pool ventilation packages for over 30 years,

whilst keeping abreast of modern technological developments and the requirements of the modern-day swimming pool owner and bathers.

CVME units are ideal for use in leisure centres, schools and hotel swimming pool areas. They are designed to take into account the most important needs of the swimming pool owner.

  • Providing high quality indoor atmospheric conditions.
  • Reliable and economic to operate.
  • Energy efficient and easily maintained.
  • No HCFC refrigerant used, therefore environmentally friendly.
  • Totally integrated package, easy and fast to install.
  • CVME units have an ‘open’ construction, thus eliminating ‘cold bridging’.
  • Designed with the use of modern technologies, increases efficiency and reduces operating costs.


The swimming pool’s requirement for fresh air varies throughout the day, the RECOTHERM CVME unit is designed to provide a fresh air level that is adaptable to be either fully automatic or dictated by the pool owner.

The avoidance of condensation in the swimming pool hall is of paramount importance in order to protect the buildings structure. This involves maintaining the humidity at a level which prevents excessive evaporation from the pool, whilst maintaining bathers comfort. Allowing the humidity to rise with the increase in ambient temperature keeps the fresh air requirements to a minimum – thus keeping the running costs down. The RECOTHERM CVME unit continually varies the humidity of the building as the outside temperature changes.

The Recotherm CVME unit incorporates the latest electrical frequency inverters. These allow the fans to match the volume flow to the exact ventilation requirements of the swimming pool by varying the fan speed, saving a considerable amount of energy throughout the systems 24 hour operation.


The CVME unit uses the outside air to dehumidify the swimming pool hall atmosphere, and when necessary, uses a heat recovery process and the buildings own heating system to warm the incoming air to the required temperature.

Specially developed features in the CVME units ensure that the swimming pool hall environment is kept at the desired temperature and humidity automatically throughout the year, all with reduced operating costs compared to the more conventional ventilation and dehumidifying heat pump systems.