Flat Pack Units

The swimming pool environment is notoriously harmful to the air handling plant, although the building is expected to last 50 years or more, nobody seriously expects the swimming pool air handler to last more than 20 years. However, at the design stage, plant room space is at a premium and building in access space to allow for the replacement of air handling plant is not a priority.

So in many situations you are left with a functional swimming pool building with an air handling system that needs to be replaced, but how do you get the new air handling unit into the plant room?

The old unit, which has become redundant, can be easily cut up and removed piece by piece, wouldn’t it be nice if the new unit could be brought on site and assembled in exactly the same way as the old unit is removed PIECE by PIECE. Well it can!

Recotherm’s range of highly efficient fresh air ventilation units, are now available in flat pack form for assembly. So if your plant room has a door way, we can replace your old and tired ventilation unit with a state of the art unit, using variable speed controlled high efficiency fans and heat recovery in the form of a plate heat exchanger.

  • Avoids major structural work
  • State of the art high efficiency ventilation
  • Typical installation in two week