Hydrotherapy pools operate at a higher temperature than conventional pools a typical temperatures would be 36 °C Some pool experts will tell you that you have to have the air temperature 1 °C above the pool water temperature to avoid condensation this is a myth.

Condensation occurs when air is in contact with a surface that is colder than the dew point of the air. The dew point of the air is a function of the temperature and humidity of the air. You can have the air temperature 5 °C below the pool temperature as long as the dew point of the air is below the temperature of the internal surfaces.

The Recotherm unit controls the internal humidity and temperature and thus controls the dew point. With an external temperature of -1 °C and a room temperature of 30 °C a humidity of 50% will prevent condensation on a double glazed panel.

If the air temperature was 25°C then a humidity of 55% would prevent condensation on a double glazed panel. So with our units it is possible to have the pool at 36 °C and the air at a more reasonable 30 °C. Care should be taken in selecting the unit as there will be a greater evaporation rate from a hydrotherapy pool.

The following range of units are best suited to this application: