Innovative ventilation technology

Saving money through efficient technology

If people aren’t comfortable in their swimming pool environment it can limit their enjoyment substantially. Chemical odours, stuffiness and condensation can ruin a beautifully designed pool by making it an unpleasant place to be.

Fresh air ventilation has always provided the best atmosphere in the pool hall but is usually perceived as being more expensive to operate, this is no longer true, with the advent of modern controls and heat reclamation new units are more economical than the standard refrigerant based dehumidifiers.

A typical refrigerate dehumidifier removing 14 kg/hr of moisture will cost 69p whilst the equivalent aeris fresh air ventilation unit will cost 42p to remove the same amount of moisture (see comparison). That’s just 3 p/kg compared to 4.9 p/kg for the refrigerant based system. Thus clients get the better atmosphere whilst saving energy and money