Returning To The Pool

“Returning to the Pool”

Recent advice from Swim England’s Guidelines For “Returning To The Pool”, highlights that although airborne transmission is difficult to definitively prove, emerging evidence showing high rates of infection in poorly ventilated rooms and knowledge of similar viruses suggest measures to reduce the risk of this potential infection transmission route should be undertaken.

Evidence shows that warmer temperatures and high humidity play a part in mitigating the risk of airborne transmission, increasing the rate of fresh air to participants in the swimming pool will further lower the risk, which will not only give peace of mind for the participants returning but help to reduce the risk of transmission occurring in your pool hall.

The guide lines recommend a minimum fresh air per person level of 20 l/s being introduced given a standard pool with an occupancy level of one person every 6 m2 this would normally equate to the air handling unit running at 25% fresh air. For the majority of the year 25% fresh air would do a significate amount of dehumidification leaving the refrigerate base dehumidifier redundant and your running cost going through the roof.

For those of you with a Recotherm unit already installed or in progress the news is better. It has always been the accepted custom at Recotherm to design all of our units, wherever possible, to work on full fresh air even in the middle of the winter when the moisture content is so low that it would normally only need 10% fresh air to control the humidity. We do this because you never know what is around the corner. It could be something quite simple like a dosing system on a particular pool is poorly controlled, and large amounts of fresh air are required to dilute the chloramines being produced, or it could be that the country suffers from a pandemic and the authorities decide that all systems need to increase the fresh air requirements.

If you would like to discuss how Recotherm air handling units can help introduce more fresh air to your pool please contact us on 01527 894533 or contact us below

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