VFE 25

The aim of any swimming pool ventilation system is to prevent condensation and provide a comfortable environment for the bathers.

If you have an indoor pool or spa the last thing you want is a stale atmosphere and chlorine smells affecting your enjoyment. You may be tempted to open the window but this will only introduce cold air, which will cause drafts and result in excessive running cost for heating the room and the pool water.

A wall hung dehumidifier will go some way to reducing the condensation problem but this unit only recirculates the same old stale air and so can not take care of the chlorine.

A recotherm ventilation unit will control the internal conditions and provide an excellent environment for you to enjoy your pool.

The VFE 25 is Recotherm’s entry level unit specifically designed for the small pool or spa the unit incorporates some of the features found in the higher specification VFEC range of units.

  • The unit’s fresh air facility ensures a clean and healthy environment.
  • By using direct driven, high efficiency backward curve fans there is a 20% energy saving over conventional systems.
  • The use of EC blue DC fans to control the amount of fresh air introduced means electrical savings of up to 80%.
  • An air to air plate heat exchanger recovers the heat in the exhaust air to pre-heat the incoming fresh air.
  • Individual temperature and humidity controllers open and close the heating valve automatically and send signals to the fans to vary the speed and power consumption of the motors

Specification Sheet

VFE 25
Nominal air volume 0.25
Maximum Dehumidification 1 10.5
Maximum Dehumidification 2 2.4
Maximum Dehumidification 3 8.8
Supply fan motor 0.25
Sound power level 83
External resistance 60
Specific fan power 0.8
Return fan motor 0.25
Sound power level 83
External resistance 60
Specific fan power 0.62
Recuperator nominal Eff 70.1
LT.LPHW Coli duty 7.7
LT.LPHW flow rate 0.09
LT.LPHW pressure drop 12
Max fabric loss capacity 3.12
Maximum power consumption 0.5
Nominal power consumption 0.18
Full load current (single phase) 1.6
Full load current (three phase)
Length 900
Width 600
Height 750
Weight 100
Fresh Air Inlet 300 x 240
Supply Air Outlet 200 dia
Return Air Inlet 200 dia
Exhaust Air Outlet 300 x 240